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Serve dinner naked

Well this one is hard to do with a family and it has taken a few weeks to get organised, but the time came this week as the 3 bambinos are spending a few days away. I thought I might feel a bit stupid serving supper nude but actually I rather enjoyed it …..actually, I wasn’t exactly nude as I wore my apron, you don’t want to get burnt boobs when you’re cooking believe me, so this was a good compromise and allowed me to hide a few wobbly bits at the same time. H’s reaction was pretty good as he arrived home from work to find me cooking in my birthday suit. As I had a few other cards not yet completed I decided to tick off a few all on the same night, after all it’s only about once a year that we get the place to ourselves, so I thought I would do the card that said something like ‘invite your partner over for pizza and write a love message on it’ . As usual I decided on a bit of poetic license and decided to write the message on our new work top , this was done with icing sugar and looked pretty cool. As H complains that I am not romantic enough I felt that I had done pretty well and was ready to eat my food and watch an episode of Madmen, however H had other ideas and decided the new work top needed christening ….


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